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It’s officially #MariahSZN on YouTube Shorts!

The queen of Christmas wants YOU to share your Holiday Wishlist!

The queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, is back and on YouTube Shorts!

Every year around the holiday season the GRAMMY winning global superstar jumps into the spirit by gifting us with new moments to celebrate around her hit track “All I Want for Christmas is You.” On December 1st, Mariah posted a Short, inviting fans to share their holiday wishlist on Shorts.

What is Mariah’s wish?

While getting her hair and makeup done, Mariah shows us all the things she does not want for Christmas — no jewelry, no clothes and not even shoes! Instead, what she wants is YOU to share your Holiday Wishlist using the hashtag #MariahSZN to the soundtrack of “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

How do you participate in #MariahSZN?

To participate, use the song timestamp 0:39-0:54 and think of six things you do not want for Christmas. Use the text on screen to list each item, and as each one appears, gesture that you don’t want it. Do this with everything on your non-wishlist and right as Mariah hits her high note; “Is youuuuu…” show what you REALLY want! Add the hashtag #Mariahszn and upload your video to YouTube Shorts.

What’s the buzz so far?

Creators across YouTube have already jumped on the trend and are making their own versions! Here are some of our favorites and why we love them.

@SweetyHigh: Mariah SZN!!

She did not hold back! SweetyHigh took inspo from Mariah’s Short and even included hair, makeup and a puppy on her lap just like the queen did!

Why we love it: Because SweetyHigh understood the assignment! She channeled Mariah to create a fun and engaging Short that gets us in the holiday spirit.

@AvaleneR: Romance SZN!

Love is in the air this holiday season and Avalene gives us a sneak peak of her number one pick!

Why we love it: Mariah Carey says, “All I Want for Christmas is Youuuuuu!” and AvaleneR reminds us that our loved ones can be the greatest gift for the holidays.

@heynadine: Travel SZN!

It’s that time of year again! Traffic, long security lines wrap and potential travel woes.

Why we love it: Nadine gets it! Flying during the holidays can be daunting, and all we want is to safely get to our destinations! Many people can relate to having an unwanted middle seat experience, waiting out a storm, or forgetting to eat before your flight and being stuck with airplane food. IYKYK and Nadine clearly does!

@TheTattooedMommaOfficial: Mom SZN!

TheTattooedMommaOfficial shows us that out of all the things she could receive for Christmas, a nap is number one on her list!

Why we love it: Motherhood isn’t always perfect and I think we all (regardless of children) can relate to wanting to take a nap! TheTattooedMommaOfficial’s video resonates with moms and non-caregivers alike, and reminds us that sometimes rest is the best gift of all!

@815LSxSwaps: Car SZN!

How many people say they want a new car for Christmas? What about car parts!? Probably none, but for this creator it’s a no brainer! 815LSxSwaps creates content about building and repairing cars so it’s no surprise that he knows what parts he wants off his wishlist!

Why we love it: 815LSxSwaps knows his audience! Niche content may be specific, however for those with similar interests, they get it and can relate! We love how 815LSxSwaps leans into what he knows best and shows us his number 1 holiday pick …

@kilahmazing: Bills SZN!

A new season can bring a new set of bills and December is no different! Rent, electricity, phone, car …

Why we love it: It’s simple, almost everyone can relate!

@ShellySavesTheDay: Puppy SZN!

Love can look like a lot of things this season, and for ShellySavesTheDay that means pets!

Why we love it: Shelly showcases her two adorable pups rocking their holiday outfits and who doesn’t love decked out puppies!? While many people focus on loved ones during the holidays, Shelly reminds us that sometimes your pets are more than enough.

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It’s time for you to join #MariahSZN!

We hope these examples have been inspirational and we want you to join in. Share your Holiday (non) Wishlist on YouTube Shorts and let us know what you REALLY want for Christmas!

Make sure to use #MariahSZN when you post and have a happy holiday!

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