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Culture and Trends

Introducing YouTube Trends

By Kevin Allocca

Global Director of Culture & Trends, YouTube

With 35 hours of video now being uploaded to YouTube every minute, keeping up with the latest goings-on around here can be a challenge.

Last week, we officially unveiled YouTube Trends (, a new set of tools designed to help you stay on top of the latest popular videos and trends on the world's largest video site.

Here's more of an explanation:

YouTube Trends features new algorithmically-generated feeds that highlight which topics and videos are trending right now. The site also offers a ‘top videos’ module and a blog with more in-depth explorations of videos, trends, news, and cultural phenomena as seen through the lens of YouTube. We've also created a Trends Dashboard that lets you quickly explore what's popular in different cities in the U.S. and around the world, as well as within specific demographic groups.

Last Monday, we started a 12-day countdown to the holidays exploring the top videos from 2010. So far, we've posted lists of the top videos in:

We've also examined extreme winter weather footage from across North America, looked at how Justin Bieber's "Baby" got so big, tracked "Double Rainbow's" popularity, seen how the same practical joke traveled across seven different countries, and settled the age-old question: dogs or cats?

YouTube Trends is like your water cooler for web video, so check back each day to see the very latest.

For more specific info about YouTube Trends, visit our FAQ or watch a video walk-through.