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Introducing: Flowers. A Black creativity documentary series

It’s an undeniable fact that much of our culture is the product of Black creativity, but that creativity does not always receive the recognition it deserves. Part of YouTube’s ongoing work to amplify Black voices and experiences, our new documentary series, Flowers, highlights the brilliance of Black creators, amplifies their voices, and pays homage to their inerasable mark on our digital world.

With Flowers, we celebrate the brilliance of Black creators and their enduring influence on our culture.

The first video in this three-part series was published in September and it features sWooZie, the innovative creator who popularized storytime animation, along with other Black creators working in that genre.

Now in the newest video, trailblazing beauty creator, Nyma Tang, is getting her flowers. Nyma’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity shattered color barriers as she and her peers forced a conversation about the lack of inclusivity in makeup products. Her work — along with the efforts of many other Black beauty creators — have changed and shaped the beauty industry. Last year there were over 150 million views of videos related to beauty with “dark skin” or “inclusive” in the title, and beauty brands have started adding more shades to their lines to accommodate darker skinned customers.

The series will wrap up next year by recognizing Bianca Bonnie, the voice behind Chicken Noodle Soup, the dance craze that demonstrated the effect that internet dance trends could have on the music industry. Additionally, Black creators and creatives were involved in it’s creation. Each of the episodes was directed by a Black documentary filmmaker, and the song that accompanies the closing credits is Flowers by Tayla Parx, a member of the Black Voices Fund class of 2022.

With Flowers, we celebrate the brilliance of Black creators and their enduring influence on our culture. We invite you to join us as we unveil the stories behind their innovation and revel in the transformative power of Black creativity.

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