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How Covid-19 changed motovlogging

This type of free-roaming, exploratory content has remained popular during the pandemic.

While the coronavirus has restricted our ability to do many things, one thing it hasn’t clamped down is motovlogging. 

For some creators, motovlogging is a cinematic opportunity to document scenic bike routes, chance encounters, traffic accidents and more. These videos use action cameras mounted to the motovloggers’ helmets, which give viewers a firsthand account of the unfolding action. For viewers, these videos offer a sense of calm, surprise and even joy as they experienced the goodwill of motorcyclists helping strangers on the side of the road. This type of free-roaming, exploratory content has remained popular during the pandemic. 

But now with travel restrictions in place, motovloggers are taking a slightly different approach to their productions and focusing on local, less-frequented routes. In Southeast Asia, where motorcycles are a popular form of transportation — delivery routes and joy rides through suburban neighborhoods where there’s less traffic — are seeing an uptick in viewership. So it’s no surprise that 15 out of the top 20 most-viewed motovlogs are from Indonesia. And the most-viewed video in the country, which has over 9.5 million views, is NIAT NOLONG MALAH DI KASIH INI || ENDINGNYA BIKIN GREGET || MOTOVLOG INDONESIA (translation: INTENTION IS TO HELP EVEN IN LOVE || FUSSY ENDING || MOTOVLOG INDONESIA) from Indonesian creator Wiebowo Wb.

Overall, views of videos with variations of “motovlog” in the title have received more than 600 million views in 2020*, proving that motovlog creators can still find mobility and ways to entertain viewers, despite the global dropoff in travel. 

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*YouTube data, global, Jan-Sep 2020. Videos with “motovlog” or “moto vlog” in the title