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Have a DIY Holiday...

By Sadia Harper

YouTube Howto & Style

The Wood Whisperer may claim that homemade gifts are for those who are "too cheap to buy real presents," but we don't buy it: There's something special about receiving a handcrafted gift that's unlike anything else. There's even a pledge going around right now to buy nothing but handmade gifts this holiday season.

On YouTube, you don't have to look very far to find DIY inspiration. Our gurus give lessons on how to make everything from holiday cards and one-of-a-kind gifts for your family -- creative pencil holders, crazy quilt stockings, Christmas aprons, anyone? -- to decorations for your home. They are YouTube's elves, video'ing in workshops all over the world:

Have a great handmade gift idea that you'd love to share? It's not too late to respond to Todd Oldhams's holiday call out. Your DIY video could be featured on the home page with other great guru! The last day for entries is December 19th so hurry!

Happy Crafting,

Sadia H. aka sublinx