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An illustrated character dressed up as a clown recording themself on a phone on a tripod.

Get spook-tacular with YouTube Shorts this Halloween

Keep it short and spooky this Halloween on Shorts with some freak-tastic inspiration to recreate your own.

An illustrated character dressed up as a clown recording themself on a phone on a tripod.

Spooky season is upon us, and we are pumpkin-spicing things up for Halloween on Shorts! 🎃

From spellbinding makeup looks and costume ideas to tricky treats and decoration tips, creators around the world in our YouTube Shorts Creator Community are conjuring up a spook-tacular weekend with some help from Shorts. If you’re searching for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are sharing some of our favorite Halloween Shorts and inviting you to join in on the fun... if you dare!

Still in the dark about where to start? Check out our 31 creation ideas for Halloween, then share your own version with the hashtag, #HalloweenWithShorts.

A photo of a selfie that filters a human person into a skeleton

Try our our skeleton filter!

Join in on the Halloween fun and bring some spookiness to your feed with the new Skeleton effect on YouTube Shorts. Select the effect and start recording — the effect will magically turn you into a skeleton in just a tap. To try it out, go to the Effects picker or check out this page for inspiration. And to get in the mood, add popular trending Halloween songs like “Spooky, Scary Skeletons,” “Heads Will Roll,” or “Monster Mash” to your Short.

Show us your most Boo-tiful makeup look

Ready to unveil a chilling transition or a creepily realistic makeup look? Show us what you got with a behind-the-scenes tutorial. The fun doesn’t have to stop there - take it up a notch and try creating Halloween makeup for different moods, like these looks for each astrology sign!

Don’t miss these Halloween makeup hacks from @Iashdiyakhatun in India and creative looks from @nuritaputri in Indonesia, @EmeMakeup1 in Argentina, @cainguzman in Mexico, and @JulianaAliende in Brazil.

Eerily elegant Halloween decor inspo

Creating your very own home spooked home? Give us a tour of your creativity and how you put together your DIY decor that’s the most eerie & eye-popping (in more ways than one)!

Check out these pumpkin dolls from @PidginDoll in the US, Halloween drawing ideas from @Poonamloveart in India, paper ghost inspo from @SevgiTekcakar in Turkey, and 3 DIY ideas for your home from @BuildandCreateHome in the US.

Ideas to whip up a frightful feast

Bring us into your kitchen to show how you’re cooking up a cauldron of spooky sweets and frightful food!

Sink your teeth into these Halloween ice cream sandwich bites from @ChewOnThis in the US, this limited edition cookie set from @AdrianWidjy in Japan and this creepy brain creation from @KochiElVegan in Mexico.

Ghoulishly glam costume Iideas

Looking to rise from the Halloween crowd? Show us your best costume ideas, like these for duos, moods, or Zodiac signs. Keep the creativity going and try POVs from different characters, for example how Frankenstein goes shopping.

Need more ideas? Check out these art-inspired costumes from @iMuseum in Mexico, these whimsical in-costume skits from @BenEagleOfficial and @VeVeTravel in Vietnam, and these ‘gotta have it’ costume ideas from @ValeriaStephaniee in the US.

Check out some of our favorite spooky trends from this month featuring our #ShortsIRL creators below!

@MannyV: Halloween Costume Ideas 👯

Halloween is here so use this trend to share some last minute costume ideas with your community or round up some of your favorite costumes from this spooky season!

Why We Love It: Manny’s editing made this costume round up stand out on our feeds, and we love to see the Shorts community coming together IRL!

How To Participate: Lip sync along to the lyrics while flashing up photos or videos of some costume ideas for halloween!

@Jessicacarrielee: My Life in Color 🎨

Shorts creators shared their life in all the colors of the rainbow with this trend.

Why We Love It: Jessica’s twist on this trend to include examples of Halloween costumes was great, and her costumes were next level too!

How To Participate: Gather videos from your camera roll that are all different colors and create a montage with them, describing the color on screen with text saying “my life is (a color)”.

@LucyAndLaMer: Spooky Scary Skeletons 💀

This dance trend had creators on their feet all of October!

Why We Love It: Spooky dances are more fun with friends! These Shorts creators added an extra element showing how different energy levels can amp up the dance moves.

How To Participate: Follow along with the choreography outlined in the Short and get creative with your outfit or backdrop.

@mrs.frazzled: 3 Spooky Things 🎃

Halloween is here and creators are sharing their favorite parts of Halloween that aren’t costume related with this trend!

Why We Love It: Mrs. F’s Halloween-themed snacks look incredible and are so creative!

How To Participate: Decide on your 3 ideas under one theme and begin showing your ideas on the beat drops! Be as creative as possible when transitioning between ideas to keep your Short fun.

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It’s your time to join in – no tricks, just treats! Summon your inner Halloween creative wizard and conjure up your take on #HalloweenWithShorts on Shorts.

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