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From Bacon-Infused Drinks to Saving Money -- What *Can't* You Learn on YouTube?

By Sadia Harper

Howto & Style Manager

Ninety days ago, we started Tweeting a how-to video each day, to showcase the near-infinite amount of knowledge that exists on YouTube. From high to low, life-saving to life-enhancing, there's likely to be a video about it on YouTube (see the list of tweets so far below).

Starting today, we'll count down 10 of the most popular how-to videos of all time. Follow us on Twitter to find out what they are or just to remember some true classics. Hint: one of them employs an onion in a very unusual way.

In addition, we're looking for users with specific areas of expertise -- for example, you make excellent cooking videos or you've fashioned yourself to be the "Dear Abby" of the YouTube generation -- to make tutorial videos, co-host Webinars, and/or guest blog in our Creator's Corner, a hub for new uploaders. Leave a comment with your channel name below if you're interested in participating.

Otherwise, get clicking and learn something new!

How to print your own T-shirt:
How to speed read:
How to look like @ladygaga:
How to tie a tie:
How to make fresh pasta:
How to make fire without matches or a lighter:
How to open a beer with a pen:
How to knit:
How to cut your own bangs:
How to make ice cream in a bag (preschool edition):
How to do a banana kick:
How to count to 20 in Japanese:
How to peel a melon:
How to get better mileage:
How to create perfect red lips:
How to escape from handcuffs:
How to flirt like a pro:
How to surf:
How to train your dog to stay:
How to make a bacon-infused cocktail:
How to build your self confidence:
How to beat writer's block:
How to be funny on a first date:
How to be a DJ:
How to make mac & cheese, mmm:
How to use gel liner:
How to give a presentation:
How to make a how to video:
How to do the Windmill:
How to get watermelon nails:
How to shoot penalty kicks:
How to wrap a gift professionally:
How to make your own bicycle crank:
How to make chicken biryani:
How to make wine:
How to draw a "realistic" manga face:
How to understand integrals:
How to look sharp for a job interview:
How to play violin - lesson one:
How to properly chop vegetables:
How to make a camisole in one minute:
How to grow strawberries indoors:
How to shave:
How to crack a coconut:
How to buy a house:
How to make Rigatoni Carbonara:
How to make a BristleBot:
How to do makeup for small eyes:
How to make a custom beer pong table:
How to fuse plastic grocery bags into a reusable shopping bag:
How to fold a fitted sheet:
How to save money:
How to improve your memory:
How to sew a dress:
How to backflip:
How to curl hair:
How to recycle beer bottles with limes:
How to hem pants:
How to make a green screen:
How to polish shoes:
How to repair a bicycle puncture:
How to make kimchi:
How to recycle used computers
How to make veggie sushi:
How to record better webcam videos:
How to speak French - meeting and greeting:
How to make a "Where the Wild Things Are" Halloween costume:
How to do yoga:
How to cook Cola BBQ pork chops:
How to deliver a baby in an emergency:
How to melt away pounds:
How to wear different types of scarves:
How to Casper:
How to fold origami:
How to do self-defense when confronted with a gun:
How to make a camisole in one minute:
How to make ramen noodles:
How to care for a pet shark:
How to apply fake eyelashes:
How to make a card:
How to make simple, delicious compound butters:
How to dye your clothes:
How to transform a boring school uniform:
How to plant a vegetable garden in 30 minutes:
How to solder copper pipe:
How to make an upholstered headboard:
How to dress appropriately (according to Tim Gunn):
How to make sage risotto (as taught by a kid):

UPDATE (12/2): The final stretch:
How to hand-wash your delicates:
How to peel a potato: via Dawn Wells, aka Mary Ann on Gillian's Island
How to look like @ladygaga:
How to create desktop virtual reality displays using the Wii remote:
How to charge an iPod using electrolytes and an onion:
How to get six-pack abs:
How to fake abs:
How to kiss with passion:
How to solve a Rubik's Cube:
How to moon walk like Michael Jackson:

The most popular how-to video of all time? How to Crank That by @souljaboy: 44M+ views