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Spanish-speaking gamers rallied together for a big event called Egoland

Egoland became a huge community moment for gamers.

Karla Agis is the YouTube Culture and Trends manager for Spanish-speaking Latin America. Before joining the team, she worked at BuzzFeed Mexico as Head of Video and Content, where she helped build powerful media brands like Bring Me en Español and Bien Tasty.

A few fun facts: Karla is a cinephile obsessed with sci-fi and time traveling subgenres, used to have a fashion blog that later became her path to work at Condé Nast and Glamour Magazine, and might be thinking of launching a podcast just to talk about her love for anime, movies and pop culture. 

1. What’s the trend?

Karla: "In January, we watched the development of a huge community moment called Egoland. Over 70 gaming creators from both Spain and Latin America came together to play the game, Rust, on a shared server for almost 30 days, organized by Spanish gamers Rubius Z and aLexBY11. The multiplayer survival video game became the perfect setting as it demanded creators to overcome primal obstacles such as hunger or thirst, as well as avoid threats from wildlife and attacks from other players.

Throughout the month, both top and emerging creators from the Spanish-speaking gaming community documented and shared  the evolution of their relationships through the game, from basic explainers of the survival-themed collaboration, to spinning off unique entertainment experiences, such as Rust Dates and a Gladiator Tournament."

2. What stats speak to the trend?

Karla: "The impact of Egoland in the community was evident from the first week, when the biggest viewership peak happened, thanks to videos from Rubius Z, Mikecrack, Ibai and Auron explaining the dynamics of the event. Egoland reached over 280M views in its first 30 days, as well as prompted an unprecedented spike in views and popularity for Rust within YouTube. After 30 days of Egoland’s launch, it drove up the average daily views of Rust videos. Views increased over 270% globally since January 3, 2021, when compared to the average daily views of January 2020."

3. What’s fueling the trend and what lesson(s) can be drawn from the trend?

Karla: "Over the last year, we’ve seen the need for connection driving powerful collaborative moments, from the music industry to the gaming community.

The influence of Spanish-speaking gaming creators on the overall gaming community is one of the most notable takeaways of this trend. By introducing Rust in the region, Spanish-speaking creators were also able to increase its popularity on the platform. On the other hand, audiences were hooked to their ever-shifting relationships in the game, which mimicked reality-show drama and entertainment."

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(Primary image source: Aroyitt Gaming/YouTube)