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Dhani Jones Loves YouTube Sports

By Andrew Bangs

YouTube Sports

NFL linebacker Dhani Jones is a true sportsman. When he's not tackling ball carriers for the Cincinnati Bengals, he's hosting a new show on YouTube partner Travel Channel in which he travels around the world playing interesting, unusual global sports. So far he's tried his hand at Muay Thai kick boxing, hurling, schwingen (Swiss wrestling), throwing a giant rock and being thrown from a horse. On his YouTube channel, he's got some exclusive content and a playlist of his favorite sports on YouTube.

Now he's looking for inspiration from the YouTube Community:

What interesting sports do you play? Why do you love your sport? Let Dhani know as a response to this video before April 6th, and check back to his channel after the 6th to see if he's selected your video.

Play on!

Andrew Bangs