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Join in with Cut: 3 ways to remix videos on Shorts

Here are some of our favorite remixes using Cut on Shorts to get you inspired to make your own.

Stuck on what to create next with YouTube Shorts? Check out Cut — our latest tool for remixing videos from both YouTube Shorts and long form videos.

Cut allows you to use a 1-5 second segment from any eligible YouTube video or Short in the creation of new original Shorts content. The tool makes it easy to take part in viral chain reactions, respond to another creator or look back at old videos. However you use Cut, it’s a great way to contribute to the conversation and join in on the fun — all while crediting the source.

Take a look at some of our favorite examples below to gather some tips and inspiration to use Cut on your next Short!

@AdamMore, Reaction

Why this works: This creator reacts to a Short that immediately spoke to him on his feed. By reflecting from his experience, he joins into the conversation with his own authentic opinion and invites his audience to respond.

Tip: React to other creators’ hot takes, jokes, mishaps or creative experiments. Add your own sense of humor or perspective to the feed! Revealing your true thoughts and opinions, whether genuine or ridiculous, will invite commentary and more reactions from your audience. Reaction videos are their own popular content category on YouTube, and Cut makes it easy to get in on the fun.

@AvaleneR, Let me explain

Why this works: YouTube is a great place to learn from experts all over the world! This creator shares which dental tips and tricks are worth following from other YouTubers with her audience in a bite sized format.

Tip: Show off what you know and respond to communities that you can relate to. This kicks off a conversation while helping new and old audiences alike get invested in your content for your expertise.

@AlegraChetti444, Do It Yourself

Why this works: This creator takes a clip from a viral “I’m cold makeup” trend and makes it her own. She adds her own flair by showing off how she got the look and teaching her viewers how to join in too.

Tip: Reference trends you see on your feed as a starting point and show off how your attempt goes. New crafts, choreography, recipes, makeup looks or life hacks all work here. Invite your viewers to do the same while elevating the original source of inspiration!

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What next?

Join in on the fun! Try using Cut to remix one of your favorite YouTube videos on Shorts and tag #cut.

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