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Put on your softest slippers to step into the world of cozy gaming on YouTube

It’s been a stressful day, but you’re finally ready to unwind with a relaxing evening. You put on your most comfortable clothes, brew a fresh cup of tea, light some candles, and melt into your couch for a cozy evening of…helping a lost cat?

Cozy gaming refers to games and gaming content with calming and gentle vibes. The gaming subgenre has grown in popularity as creators have sought out relaxing playthroughs, free of fail states, with games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing leading the trend.

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Today, we’re celebrating the cozy gaming community with a special YouTube logo (also known as a Yoodle) that captures the soothing experience of these games, from choosing outfits for characters to picking fruit. It also happens to be the 23rd anniversary of the release of Animal Crossing, making it the perfect day to unwind by color coordinating your island.

Cozy gaming creators on YouTube provide a warm and welcoming environment while sharing suggestions for the best games, tips and tricks to help you along, and reviews of what they’re playing. Their gaming setups also contribute to the zen atmosphere and they provide advice for creating your own.

Want to cozy up for more? Enjoy our calming playlist, beginning with our original video explaining the world of cozy gaming.

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