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Illustration of various Japanese anime style characters

Behind the seams: YouTube celebrates the cosplay community

As cosplayers descend on LA Comic Con™, we’re shining a spotlight on the DIYers, makeup tutorial creators, role players, and artists who help the community thrive.

Illustration of various Japanese anime style characters

Cosplay, once found primarily at entertainment conventions, has found a passionate community on YouTube. Fans from all over the world dress up, role play, and connect over their favorite characters and actors from pop culture. And that fandom has made cosplay content a hit. So far this year, YouTube videos related to cosplay have been viewed over 20.5 billion times.1

L.A. Comic Con™ takes place this week, and we want to make sure fans on YouTube can join in on the fun. We’ve dressed up the classic logo (which we call the Yoodle), and put together a playlist to show off some talented creators as they get in character.

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Cosplay creators are just as dynamic as the fictional worlds and characters they celebrate. Fans can find DIY videos from creators like Mugiwara Cosplay, watch convention vlogs with Japanonyt, get makeup tutorials from Creative.Cliche, and much more. There’s a whole multiverse of creative cosplay content just waiting to be discovered.

The content isn’t just limited to DIYers and conventions. Creators have started a trend called “shake my hand in character,” where cosplayers interact with one another as the characters they’re portraying. It’s a fun way for fans to bring their creations to life from video games, anime, and more.

So whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next costume or want to see how others embody your favorite characters, YouTube has you covered. Head over to our playlist to get in on the fun.

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