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Culture and Trends

A big YouTube winner in the year of Google search

By Kevin Allocca

Global Director of Culture & Trends, YouTube

Each year here at YouTube, we take a look back at the videos that captured our attention and our imagination during the year. We’ll be releasing the most viewed videos of 2011 next week, but today it’s the turn of our friends over at Google to take a look at the year in search.

And one of our homegrown YouTube stars - Ms. Rebecca Black - topped the fastest rising search term list in the U.S. and around the whole world! Congratulations Ms. Black … Google is one thing, but come back here next week to see if she also managed to top the list of the most-viewed YouTube videos around the world in 2011.

Meanwhile, you can visit Google’s Zeitgeist site for a sneak peak at some of the year’s biggest searches on YouTube.