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Best in Jest Returns

By Mark Day

Senior Associate, Ad Programs

Comedy fans are rarely starved for laughs on YouTube, especially when there's a new edition of Best in Jest, our long-running comedy program. B.I.J. is back for three weeks of concentrated comedy capers, sponsored by Warner Brothers' Cop Out, starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan.

When compiling this edition of the program, we noticed that comedy on YouTube seems to be evolving: the most popular comedy videos are often collaborations between visible personalities like TheStation's ShayCarl and KassemG. While scripted comedy is going strong, YouTube "star power" seems to be in the driving seat. Does a great comedy video need a successful face to make it shine, or do channels like TheLandline demonstrate that sketches don't need celebs to make a splash? Is your favorite comedy creator being overlooked, or do videos with online stars feel more like a uniquely YouTube experience?

Let us know in the comments what you think of the state of comedy on YouTube these days and who's worth noting. We'll spotlight the most interesting suggestions in the comedy section soon.