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Drums, flutes... emojis? Welcome to the wide world of beatboxing on YouTube

From some of YouTube’s earliest viral hits to today’s sound-effect challenges, the beatboxing community helps the artform grow and evolve.

Think about beatboxing for a second. What sounds do you hear? What type of music do you think about? Modern beatboxing exploded with the popularity of rap and hip hop in the 90s, and the artform is growing in popularity as a new generation of artists step up to the mic. Nowhere is that growth more visible than on YouTube and YouTube shorts, where creators can collaborate and complete challenges for a global audience.

Beatboxing is a form of performance art in which a performer uses vocal techniques to mimic the sounds of a drum kit, other instruments, and sound effects. It has evolved over the years from hip hop legends like Doug E Fresh imitating drum machines to early viral videos of flute beatboxing on YouTube. Today, some of the most popular videos are challenges where artists try to accurately recreate a sound effect like a balloon popping or put their spin on what an emoji might sound like.

To pay homage to this legendary artform, we worked with a couple creators to celebrate beatboxing’s growth and evolution. We’ve created a temporary logo, which we call a “Yoodle,” that celebrates the artform’s unique style and history. We’ve also put together a playlist of some of our favorite beatboxing videos on YouTube.

Whether your jam is live performances or sound effect challenges, there’s something for everyone. Head over to our beatboxing playlist for more!