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Announcing the viral video trends for 2014

By Kramer Kinz

Junior Vice-President, Video Meme Development

Loyal viewers,

The wait ends today. After months of development, we’re excited to reveal our slate of upcoming viral video trends for 2014.

Since 2005, YouTube's staff has worked tirelessly behind the scenes, meticulously crafting the viral videos and Internet memes you've come to know and love. From mainstream hits like Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake to your obscure web forum favorites, our staff of writers, producers and directors has shaped the pop culture moments that matter in our digital lives.

This year's memes will be bigger, bolder and more popular than ever. We promise. Watch our video for more details:

We know you can't wait to be a part of these new trends, so take a look at these behind-the-scenes clips to learn how to immediately create and upload your own:

And this year, we've got a big, special announcement. For the first time, we’re looking to you, the YouTube community, to submit your own viral trend ideas. Share your ideas using #newtrends on Twitter, Google+, or in the comments and our Meme Development experts will choose their favorites and make them official YouTube trends, complete with demo videos on Find more details here.

Look forward to our best year yet!