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2,996 Entries for First Product Ideas Survey

By Mia Quagliarello

Community Manager

We recently wrapped up our first Product Ideas series, where you let us know which features you wish we'd launch, what we could improve, maybe even what the site would be better without. Over a period of four weeks, 26,563 people offered 2,996 ideas, and those ideas received 321,541 votes. We responded to many of the most popular ideas and launched a few features that directly addressed some of your requests -- namely, an HTML5 Beta (there were many HTML5 advocates who participated) and a sneak peek of our new cleaner video page (some desired a "less cluttered" YouTube). In fact, it was great to see the feedback from people as interested in the idea of de-cluttering the site as we are. This is a 2010 theme for us, and recent changes to the home- and video page, as well as our renewed effort to streamline comments, reflect this.

We will launch another Product Ideas series later this year; until then, feel free to comment below if you've got requests or feedback, and stay tuned to this blog for product announcements.