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Discover your favourite creators’ favourite creators with YouTube's Edition

Last year, YouTube launched Edition — a series which explores the freshest talent on YouTube through the eyes of some of the UK’s most popular creators.

This year, Edition is back with a new and bigger series featuring six UK creators from the worlds of gaming, sport, beauty, productivity and entertainment, each spotlighting the YouTube channels they love to watch the most.

Chewkz (@Chewkz), Talia Mar (@TaliaMarPlus), Harry Pinero (@HarryPineroTV), UnJadedJade (@UnJadedJade), Noah Finnce (@NOAHFINNCE) and Sophdoeslife (@sophdoeslife) provide their ultimate picks of the best emerging creators to discover on YouTube right now.

“Finding a new YouTuber is the best feeling ever. I love discovering other creators' worlds and being inspired by the fun and innovative ways they are using YouTube to engage their audience. Whether it’s live stream gaming, beauty vlogs or entertainment Shorts, Youtube is the ultimate creative playground. There is so much emerging talent to discover and I hope people will enjoy our picks." — Talia Mar

Check out the full playlist here.

Chewkz (@Chewkz)

Comedy and entertainment creator, Chewkz, spotlights some of the most fun to watch comedy creators on YouTube. From the mini feature films of @kenzomizumoto to the hilarious Shorts produced by @hayleymorris.

Full list of picks: @kenzomizumoto, @90sBabyShow, @HayleyMorris and @AliWoodsGigs

Talia Mar (@TaliaMarPlus)

Gaming creator, Talia, gives her top picks of the best emerging creators to discover in the gaming world. From the challenges and fun of @Ellum to the impressive editing skill of @Cibo_o.

Full list of picks: @C9EmZ, @Cibo_o, @Ellum and @Jukeyz

Harry Pinero (@HarryPineroTV)

YouTube creator and football fan, Harry, breaks down his picks of the top podcasts and creators innovating in the football space. From the friendship and banter of @sds to the fan engagement of @SaeedTV_.

Full list of picks: @sds, @Jameslawrenceallcott, @SaeedTV_ and @RoryJenningsFootball.

UnJadedJade (@UnJadedJade)

Sustainable productivity creator, Jade, shares her picks of the top creators on YouTube to help you with organisation and personal well-being. From @LydieandHazal, the medical students making learning fun, to @KeelinMoncrieff sharing her experiences of balancing life with motherhood.

Full list of picks: @elizabethfilips, @Akta,@LydieandHazal, @DrAminaYonis and @KeelinMoncrieff.

NoahFinnce Edition (@NOAHFINNCE)

Noah reflects on his own experiences to spotlight some of his favourite LGBT+ and neurodiverse creators. From the relatable fun of @ADHD_love to the styling and androgynous fashion of @Irisolympia.

Full list of picks: @ADHD_love, @YoSamdySam, @Irisolympia, @Imautisiticnowwhat and @EzButler.

Sophdoeslife Edition (@sophdoeslife)

Beauty creator, Sophie, picks her favourite YouTubers innovating in the beauty space. From the stunning stop motion animation Shorts of @Colleen.Makeupp, to the personable beauty vlogs of @KemiAkintunde.

Full list of picks: @Colleen.Makeupp, @Uchjn, @fairyfreak, @KemiAkintunde and @SophieFloyd.