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Perspectives from the artists collaborating on our early music experiments

Today we shared a sneak peek at our first set of AI-related music experiments - Dream Track for Shorts and Music AI tools – built in collaboration with Google DeepMind. Read more here.

Below are some thoughts and perspectives direct from the artists collaborating with us on our early Dream Track experiment. We also gave producer/songwriter, Louis Bell, who’s part of our AI Music Incubator a sneak peek at our music AI tools that are in development.

We are thrilled to have all of these creatives join us as we kick off this next phase of genAI testing and learning as we build for the future.

Recording artist Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin

“I am proud to be partnering with YouTube and Google to help explore the future of AI technology and music. It’s exciting to be on the forefront of this new chapter in music history.”

Music recording artist Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth

"I'm extremely excited and inspired by the realm of musical possibilities that come from allowing the human-mind to collaborate with the non-human mind. YouTube has been a great partner in outlining their approach to AI and understands the need to work together with artists like me to develop this technology responsibly, ensuring it will accelerate creativity instead of replacing it.”

Recording artist Charli XCX

Charli XCX

“When I was first approached by YouTube I was cautious and still am, AI is going to transform the world and the music industry in ways we do not yet fully understand. This experiment will offer a small insight into the creative opportunities that could be possible and I’m interested to see what comes out of it.”

Recording artist Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

"The development of AI technology is rapidly changing the way we navigate the landscape and I believe as artists we need to be a part of shaping what that future looks like. My career has been about pushing boundaries of and creating the most interesting music for my fans. I am open minded and hopeful that this experiment with Google and YouTube will be a positive and enlightening experience”

Recording artist John Legend

John Legend

“Being a part of YouTube’s Dream Track experiment is an opportunity to help shape possibilities for the future. As an artist, I am happy to have a seat at the table and I look forward to seeing what the creators dream up during this period.”

Musician Louis Bell

Louis Bell

"We’re at a crucial crossroads in human history, and participating in determining our direction is humbling. Ultimately, technology can't substitute for personal taste; therefore, a chef with access to infinite ingredients must still rely on his own intuition in the end.”

Recording artist Papoose


“I think this experiment is an amazing ground breaking opportunity for all artists and creators. I am more than honored to be included. I strongly believe A I has a significant place in the future of music. Embracing the future is something we all shouldn’t be afraid of. Its beyond human capabilities will inspire future artists tremendously. While simultaneously being useful to artist of the past.. This is In deed the best example of innovation I’ve seen in a long time.”

Recording artist Sia


“I’m excited to be a part of YouTube’s cutting edge Dream Track experiment and I can’t wait to hear what kinds of recipes all you creators out there come up with!”

Recording artist T Pain


“The development of AI technology is happening quickly and we should be a part of that process. I have always been about pushing the boundaries of technology and harnessing it to make the most interesting music for my fans. Who knows what the future holds but joining hands with YouTube and Google to help shape that future feels like a great first step.”

Recording artist Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan

“I’ve collaborated with and trusted Google/YouTube for many years, and while I remain cautious about the future of AI - I’m both excited and curious to see how this creative experiment evolves.”