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YouTube Black History Month 2024

A platform for Black voices to shine: How YouTube is celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month is a time to celebrate the incredible richness and diversity of Black culture. At YouTube, we're honored to join in this celebration with month-long initiatives that spotlight Black creators and storytellers, putting these voices front and center on and off of our platform. We're committed to building a space where underrepresented creators can find their audience and tell their stories. Join us in discovering amazing creators, powerful stories, and celebrating this vibrant culture that shapes our world.

Discover and celebrate incredible creators

Our Black History Month community spotlight highlights incredible creators from all corners of YouTube. The Black History Month takeover of the official YouTube channel features “Creators to Know and Love” like Black Yogi Nico Marie (158K) who shares mindful, long form yoga content, DIY by Niky Foster (144k) a home decor enthusiast sharing transformative DIY's, and room makeovers, and Vladd Wavy (62K) an NBA 2K Gameplay creator. To shine a bigger light on these talents, we’re illuminating Sofi Stadium in their honor during the month of February.

YouTube Creator Collective ballroom throwbacks

Spotlight on the ballroom community

This month, YouTube and Creator @BALLROOMTHROWBACKS will host "Let's Have a Ball," an immersive Creator Collective event celebrating the vibrant ballroom community. This event offers a platform for LGBTQ+ Black and Latino creators to express themselves boldly.

YouTube Black History Month 2024 content calendar

Celebrating on social & beyond

The celebration extends to our YouTube social channels where we’ll spotlight the brilliance of the Black community via social-first evergreen content all month long across @YouTube, @YouTubeCreators, and @YouTubeGaming handles. Featured creators include ThatSavageKitchen (97K), GameTimeKyle (93K) and others who are currently using Shorts to showcase their content.

YouTube TV joins the celebration by curating playlists that showcase the incredible spectrum of Black talent on TV. From comedies to captivating dramas, we're amplifying Black joy across genres. Follow @YouTubeTV on Twitter for program recommendations and exclusive content celebrating Black stars and creatives.