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YouTube Artist on the Rise BRELAND shares his story

The Nashville based singer, songwriter and producer on not limiting his expression and his “no genre” approach to making music

Born and raised in New Jersey, BRELAND takes an open-minded approach to making music. 

Announced as a YouTube Artist on the Rise this past June, BRELAND now has over 95 million views on his Official YouTube Channel. Today, the critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, and producer shares his story about coming up in the music industry, creating his own identity and carving out his own path.

The more we are able to step outside those social conventions of what people expect us to do, the more we can get to the root of what we are supposed to do.”

Released in February of 2020, BRELAND’s now Platinum-certified debut single “My Truck” catapulted him onto the music scene and landed him a record deal with Bad Realm Records/Atlantic Records. On his most recent release, “Throw It Back (featuring Keith Urban),” which is already raking in millions of views on YouTube, BRELAND took a more sci-fi approach to the music video. He added in a time-warping guitar pedal, which gave fans another look at the artist's boundary-pushing approach to his craft. 

Already at work on the follow-up to his 2020 self-titled debut EP, BRELAND is set to hit the road this fall for his first-ever headline run, the CROSS COUNTRY TOUR. The tour kicks off this Friday, September 10th, at The Parish in Austin, Texas, and will go coast-to-coast, hitting major cities including Chicago, New York, Nashville and Los Angeles. BRELAND is an artist carving out his own lane, and he will certainly be making waves as he continues to chart his path.