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What's so funny? Submit your skit ideas for Friday’s LIVE online improv show

By Suzie Reider

Head of Industry Development, Global Video Team, Google

This Friday, you’re in control of the action for HP ePrint Live, a two-hour live improv comedy show streaming on YouTube. Host Rob Riggle (The Hangover, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart) and actors from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre will act out skits based on viewer suggestions sent to one of the printers on stage, performing it live in front of millions of YouTube viewers.

On the day of the show (January 21) send a note, a picture, a song, a drawing (whatever strikes you!) to the HP Web-connected printer at and actors from the UCB Theatre will use the ideas to create original comedy in real time. Maybe you want to see what would happen if humans lived underwater, or perhaps you have a great photo of your dog and you want to know what his stream of consciousness sounds like. However hilarious, twisted or downright goofy your idea is, simply ePrint it and watch, on January 21, 3 p.m. ET, to see it come to life. Include your Twitter and you might just get a special shout out! If your submission is chosen, you’ll receive a link to your personal video over email. The skit will also be posted online at the HP ePrint Live YouTube channel and on HP’s Home Facebook page.

Fear not, if your submission is not selected, keep sending through January 26. Members of UCB Theatre will continue to accept ideas to create custom comedy shorts period, with a different theme and setting each day, including the home (day 1), office (day 2), school (day 3), travel (day 4) and “anything goes” (day 5). These will all be posted on the channel just as soon as they are created.

Start thinking about what scenarios you’d like to see performed on the show. ePrint them on January 21 and don’t forget to tune in LIVE.