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Creator and Artist Stories

What can 48 minds create in 48 hours?

By Emily Wright

Display Project Manager

A new big idea in online entertainment.

Watch the first installment of IdeaJam, a new web series produced by Katalyst and Intel, where Ashton Kutcher brings together 48 filmmakers, content creators, and social media experts and challenges them to break the traditional bounds of storytelling.

Using technology, digital video, and social media, these creative minds are engaging with the online community during the development of 6 new entertainment concepts, deepening the connections between video and viewer.

Results are as varied as they are entertaining:
  • Watch Crash@MyPad as “Mr. Social” attempts to survive in LA for 24 hours on nothing but social media and the kindness of strangers.
  • Ever wonder what would happen if Facebook and had a baby? Check out MatchMyFriend, a dating service based on friend recommendations, which actually allows you to watch the live streams of your friends’ first dates.
  • Or perhaps you’ve had a recent unpleasant Facebook experience and need to confront a friend about his unflattering post on your wall? Look no further than Flame Court, the online court for online disputes.

In the next IdeaJam, Katalyst and Intel partner with renowned educator Alan November to explore ways that technology and creativity can be used to create an ideal classroom, so subscribe to the channel to see what’s to come.