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Westward, Ho! YouTube's News & Politics Editor Arrives

By Steve Grove

Head of News And Politics, YouTube

It took me 3,000 miles to get from Minnesota to California to start working here at YouTube, and what better way to remember the road trip than by whipping out the ol' video camera. This video shows a few clips from my trip west, as well as some footage inside YouTube HQ during my first week here. 

I'll be working as YouTube's News & Politics Editor and couldn't have arrived at a better time – we just launched "You Choose 08", a central hub of channels created by Presidential candidates for 2008. Check out behind-the-scenes footage from the campaigns, and make your own response videos to what these Presidential hopefuls are saying… This is your chance to interact directly with the candidates and tell them exactly what you think.

We've got a lot to come before November '08. Soon I'll be launching the YouTube political blog in which I'll be highlighting must-see

videos from candidates and users, and offering my own spin on the election as it unfolds on YouTube.

I want to hear from you about the issues affecting us all (not just Americans), so send me your thoughts and videos. We want to see a lot more citizen journalism on YouTube, so get your cameras rolling and start documenting what's happening in your world. I'll be looking for the best pieces to feature in the News & Politics section, in my blog, and on the YouTube home page.

Let the YouTube election begin…