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Tips for partners: ZackScott tells it like it is

By Julie Kikla and Mahin Ibrahim

Account Managers and YouTube Partnerships

YouTube loves random weirdness, comedy bits, and cute pets. We also love when our partners make it really easy for us to watch one video after another through playlists, and when they catch our attention with witty annotations. In our series of partner optimization tips, we covered metadata with Betty from BettysKitchen and then we covered how to use playlists and annotations to easily direct viewers to your other videos. You can search the whole series under the label, 'tips for partners'Zack from ZackScott, does a great job creating playlists and also using annotations to call out interesting things in his videos, or to ask for subscribers and comments. Zack joined the partner program in 2008 and he tries to capture and show off real things he finds interesting or funny. He caught our eye with his clever videos about his cats such as “Kitten still loves Puppy” or his surreal spider videos like “Giant Kitchen Spider”.

We asked Zack to tell us how he uses playlists to group his wide array of videos and to shed some light on his best tips for annotations. We think you will find Zack’s tips as entertaining and enlightening as his video on, “Amazing Nintendo Facts”.

Let us know in the comments section of Zack’s video if you have other great tips to share on using playlists or annotations or if you have any questions for Zack. We’d also love to hear how you arranged your videos through playlists after watching Zack’s video, or share some interesting use of annotations that you have found!