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Tips for partners: LinusTechTips shares how he found his niche

By Julie Kikla and Mahin Ibrahim

Account Managers and YouTube Partnerships

In our series of partner optimization tips, we covered metadata with Betty from BettysKitchen, how to use playlists and annotations with Zack from ZackScott, and how to find your niche and analyze the performance of your videos. Now, we’re excited to have Linus from LinusTechTips show us how he found his niche with videos on unboxing tech products and how he uses YouTube Insight to track the performance of his videos.

It took Linus some time and multiple attempts before he found his niche as a “Professional Unboxer.” When Linus started his channel, he began to use YouTube Insight to figure out which of his videos were most popular. He realized he had found his specialty when he got thousands of views on his unboxing of the Radeon 5770 Direct X11 video card, which to this day remains one of his highest viewed videos. Since Linus joined the partner program in 2009, his focus has been making videos on product unboxings and reviews. He specializes in unboxing video cards, like the GeForce GTS 450 and the Radeon 5750. He also has a great line of custom t-shirts for the unboxing enthusiast. This one is a crowd favorite.

You can also check this video out on his Watch Page. Let us know in the comments section of Linus’ video if you have great tips to share on using YouTube Insight or if you have feedback for Linus. We’d also love to hear how your videos have been impacted once you have used some of these tips to analyze the performance of your videos.