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This Ramadan, let these creators inspire your next meal with delicious Iftar recipes.

As Ramadan comes to a close, these YouTube creators share their favorite way to break their daily fast

Ramadan is about a lot of things other than the food. It's when more than two billion people around the world come together in a pursuit of spiritual reflection, self-improvement and heightened devotion and worship. It's also a time for them to revel in their blessings and give back to their communities.

But Iftar, the meal with which Muslims break their fast, is a pretty big deal, too. So we asked a few YouTube creators about their favorite meals to break their fast with. Learn more about their favorite Iftar and let it inspire your next meal!

Ahmad Alzahabi, The Golden Balance

Butter Chicken is so important to me in Ramadan because I remember going down the street to my neighbor’s house and devouring a plate to break my fast. It just had turned into a staple in my mind to be a part of Ramadan. A big influence on my cooking was definitely my Indian neighbors that always fed me their amazing food.”

Lentil Soup has always been my favorite growing up. Whenever my mom would make it during Ramadan, it just felt like the perfect soup to fill up my body after a long day. The simplicity, the warmth, and the overall smoothness of it just made it memorable when fasting.”

Zehra Allibhai, TheFitNest

“I love making this Coconut Curry Lentil Soup during Ramadan because it’s a delicious and healthy way to break our fasts. It makes me so happy that our kids enjoy these curry flavors! It’s such a great soup to make ahead of time and enjoy all week long!”

Amina Khan, Amanah Fitness

“This Chicken Shawarma Nachos recipe is our community's fan-favorite Iftar meal and has been recreated hundreds of times by families all over the world! It’s perfect for Ramadan because the dish has all the authentic Middle Eastern flavors, while also secretly serving up a light, healthy, and veggie-packed meal! We love demonstrating that ethnic food can be tasty AND healthy, so this recipe is a proven winner (in Ramadan, and all year round!).”