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The wait is over, beauty fans; Michelle Phan launches first-ever makeup line

By Gina Shalavi

Cultural Moments And Trends Lead, YouTube Ads Marketing

You’ve seen her as Angelina Jolie, Daenerys Targaryen, and Taylor Swift, but today, we’re proud to celebrate the genius behind all of these looks on YouTube: Michelle Phan, makeup line pioneer. Six years, 266 videos, 4.5 million subscribers, and 765 million views after she uploaded her first video to YouTube, our most viewed beauty guru has launched em michelle phan, a 250-product line of makeup inspired by her fans’ requests and feedback over the years.

In large part due to Michelle’s popularity and support, beauty and fashion channels have become a large part of the YouTube community. Whether you’re looking for the perfect up-do, the right look for your big day, or trending nail art, beauty gurus like Michelle have created tutorials for just about anything and everything you could imagine.

So whether you’re focused on wrapping up summer or strutting into fall, Michelle and YouTube’s bevy of beauty and fashion gurus have you covered.

Gina Shalavi, YouTube Communications and Public Affairs, recently watched "Draw My Life - Michelle Phan."