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Tech Vloggers Are Phoning It In

By The YouTube Team

Cell phones created a big buzz in tech lately, and YouTube's tech vloggers have been working overtime to unbox, critique and compare the latest models.

For eager Apple fans, every step of the iPhone 3G's arrival has been documented, from the lines outside the Apple store to the unboxing of just-purchased phones. There are videos comparing the original iPhone and the 3G successor, videos reviewing the latest downloadable apps from the AppStore, and for those suffering from iPhone fatigue, Tom from Blendtec gives an iPhone the "Will It Blend?" treatment. Check out a few of our 3G favorites in this video playlist.

Of course, you don't have to be an Apple obsessive to get into the technology trenches with YouTube's gadget gurus. While john4lakers is delivering his take on 24 hours with his new iPhone, PhoneDog Noah is putting some other slick handsets to the test with a head-to-head dogfight between the LG Dare and Samsung Instinct. Meanwhile, SlashGear is unboxing the Treo 800w, TigerDirectBlog is getting hands-on with the HTC Touch Dual and absolon3 is giving his first impression of the Nokia E17.

By the time the iPhone residue has been cleaned off of the blender blades, there are sure to be dozens more videos posted on the various handsets, smart phones, touch screens and other gadgets that make up the "most wanted" lists of our tech experts. And there will doubtlessly be no shortage of opinions on offer, from "get it now!" fanboys to "wait and see!" skeptics. Who knew that cell phones would give us so much to talk about?


The YouTube Team