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The Slow Mo Guys are April’s “On The Rise” winners

By Devon Storbeck

YouTube Partner Support

Congratulations to The Slow Mo Guys, who took an early lead and went on to win this month’s edition of On The Rise, the program where you decide which up-and-coming YouTube partner gets a spot on the homepage. The Slow Mo Guys will be featured on the YouTube homepage today, thanks to your support and votes.

A quick history on The Slow Mo Guys: Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy have been experimenting with high-speed cameras since 2004. Whether documenting birds of prey swooping, droplets colliding, or the effects of taking a ball to the face, these friends take on the world at a slower pace.

Here’s more from The Slow Mo Guys themselves:

"I have loved watching stuff in slow motion ever since I was a kid. I used to watch fight scenes from movies frame by frame on VHS so I could see all the action. When I got the opportunity to work with high speed cameras I saw this as my opportunity to film as many things as possible in super slow motion. I have been doing it for about 6 years now as a profession, but only recently got a computer powerful enough to deal with such massive files for my own show! Looking at things in slow motion makes you realise what you actually miss out on when you see things at "human speed". Sometimes you see something completely unexpected, sometimes can see how stuff works and sometimes stuff in slow motion just makes you laugh! It has been a great honour to participate in YouTube's On The Rise contest. I would like to thank everyone who voted for us and to welcome all our new subscribers!" Gavin Free
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