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Sigur Ros Take Over

By Michele K-Tel

YouTube Music

We are thrilled to let the shy and beguiling Icelandic post-rock quartet Sigur Ros take over our home page with a full, 97-minute presentation of their DVD Heima, along with 10 videos created by their fans out of unused footage from the film.

What is this otherworldly road trip? Heima documents Sigur Ros' 2006 free tour of Iceland and it's their first-ever concert film. With the shows announced only by word-of-mouth, the band ended up performing in deserted fish factories, far West fjords and tiny regional community halls. "Heima" means both "at home" and "homeland" in Icelandic.

Sigur Ros invited their fans to participate in their film project by creating a video contest on YouTube asking users to create their own "little Heima" with extra footage from the DVD. After sorting through nearly 150 videos, the band selected their favorite, by sdewitt108, whose film has been referred to as "The Cosmic Sheep."

We'll let Sigur Ros tell you (in their own reluctant manner) about the contest, the cosmic sheep, and their unique and magical film:

We hope you enjoy this peaceful journey of music and epic landscapes from Heima, as presented by Sigur Ros and, of course, you.


Michele K-Tel