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Creators are bringing trends from the Shorts feed to real life with #ShortsIRL

Shorts creators from our YouTube Shorts Community gathered in the Los Angeles and New York YouTube offices a few weeks ago to hang out, create content, and participate in some of our favorite September trends together in an event we called #ShortsIRL!

Check out how to join the trends and some of our favorite content from creators that attended our event below.

@Fresajapomex: Lighter like a feather 🪶

Sabrina Carpenter’s song “Feather” is a bop and the sped up version is super fun to dance to!

Why We Love It: Sonia gave this dance trend her own spin by adding some flare with her amazing editing!

How To Participate: Follow along with the choreography outlined in the example Shorts and get creative with your outfit or backdrop.

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@MiairaJennings: It’s a bad idea, right? 🤨

Jump on this POV trend to share how sometimes bad ideas are actually the best ideas!

Why We Love It: Miaira took this trend and made it her own by showing off her incredible DIY skills while also sharing the questionable decisions she made during her process that really paid off in the end.

How To Participate: Use text on screen to share something that might be a bad idea (but really isn’t), before showing you embracing it.

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@bevictoriious: No falling behind here! 🫶

We’re all a little afraid to fall behind and this trend is helping us embrace where we are in the moment.

Why We Love It: Victoria is helping us all love ourselves a little extra by participating in this trend in the most wholesome way.

How To Participate: Use text on screen to contrast what you love doing during your alone time.

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@AndraGoganRo: Our honest reaction 🕺

Sometimes we just gotta dance. Show how the haters hate, but you’re just happy being you!

Why We Love It: Andra is pushing past the haters and doing what brings her joy and success and we are so here for it! The travel inspo is an extra bonus.

How To Participate: Use text on screen to share something people have told you too often and dance to show how little you care what they say.

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@GoodChildrenPod: Summer really just wasted away ☀️

We blinked and summer turned into fall! Show us how you’re reminiscing about what you did this summer to this fun lip sync trend.

Why We Love It: GoodChildrenPod is keeping it real and revealing what they wasted half their summer doing. Relatable, right?

How To Participate: Lip sync along to the lyrics while using text on screen to describe something you spent all summer doing!

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