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Shorts creator Katie Feeney's favorite moments from the Big Game

Cell phone? Check. Shorts? Check. Super Bowl tix? Check!

Katie Feeney is a 19 year-old Penn State University freshman and a top YouTube Shorts creator with nearly 2 million subscribers. Known as "the Erin Andrews of Gen Z," Katie bypassed traditional broadcaster paths to trailblaze her own, posting college day content directly on her YouTube channel. From interviews with PSU players to vlogging full game days, Katie has seen explosive growth in a very short amount of time, with 2.4 billion views with fans all over the world. This past week, she traveled to Los Angeles to cover the Big Game!

Hey everyone! YouTube let me take over their blog to tell you about my recent trip to see the Rams face the Bengals! And what better way to tell the story than in 10 quick Shorts.

My reaction

When I found out I was going to LA to cover the BIG GAME on my channel, I couldn't believe it! I was so excited to tell my family and friends that I was going (I almost didn’t want to tell my brothers - how would they react?!)

Oh hi, Matthew Stafford!

Covering the NFL media day was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. I even got the chance to interview Rams QB Matthew Stafford pre-game. He offered such great perspective on the advice he’d give his younger self.

Behind The Scenes at an NFL Party

As you can imagine, the parties around the biggest game of the year are full of glitz and glam…and THE TROPHY. Here’s a glimpse behind-the-scenes.

Mood after being awake 20 hours straight

OK, day 1 in LA was like a movie - literally. With all the travel from Penn State, I was up for 20 hours straight! This was the mood when I got back to the hotel. At least I kept a smile on my face :).

How a Football is Made!

I always wondered and now I know. But, THIS was the scariest sewing machine I had ever seen. And the hand-stitching…This was the ultimate DIY. So cool!

Meeting one of my favorite hometown football players

I’m originally from the Washington DC area and of course grew up with all DC sports. I was so excited to meet Logan from the newly named COMMANDERS!

Walking the red carpet

Walked the red carpet at the Leigh Steinberg VIP Party @ the Sony Pictures Studio Lot. It was such a different experience having people taking pictures of me vs vice versa. And of course, their cameras were A LOT fancier.

We made it to the BIG GAME!!

Goosebumps walking into So-Fi Stadium. The atmosphere was electric. It was everything I could have ever expected and more! And the seats weren’t too bad either!


This was INSANE! The entire stadium was on their feet (including myself) singing back all the lyrics. I don’t know how they are EVER going to top this one!

When the final whistle blows

What a once-in-a-lifetime experience! To be inside the stadium when the final whistle blows and everyone is covered in confetti... What an amazing ride, and I’m so glad I got to share it on my channel!