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Share your New Year’s resolutions for an #Awesome2012

By Danielle Paquette

Social Media Manager

Plan to run a marathon in 2012? Go back to school? Ask your secret crush on a date?

It’s easy to come up with a resolution and enter the new year with high hopes, but the hardest part is often sticking to it throughout the year. To help you stay with it, we’ve got an idea — put your resolution on YouTube and share it with your friends using the #awesome2012 hashtag.

We’ll also be looking for five of the most interesting videos to feature on our homepage in January. Follow the instructions below and your resolution could inspire millions of viewers.
  1. Make a video sharing what you want to accomplish in 2012
  2. Outline your strategy and describe the steps you’ll take to reach your goal
  3. Upload it to YouTube by January 2 at Noon PT and tag it with #awesome2012
Need help getting started on your #awesome2012 action plan? One of our YouTube partners is here to help:

Cheers to an #awesome2012!