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Share the love with new cross-promotion features

By Devon Storbeck and Christine Wang

YouTube Partner Support

Ever wanted to feature some videos from another channel on your own? Did a collaboration with another YouTube creator but it’s on their channel? Want to mix the best videos from multiple channels that you own? Now you have more tools to cross-promote other channels and their videos. Check them out below:

Cross-promotion sections
You can now feature any playlist from another channel as a section on your own channel by selecting the “Enter a playlist URL” option when creating a section from a playlist:

When you feature another channel’s playlist, its avatar will be shown along with the playlist title at the top of the section. With our new channel hovercards, viewers can more easily learn more about the channel:

Multi-channel sections

If in addition to showcasing videos, you would also like to feature other channels, then you should consider using our multi-channel sections. Multi-channel sections allow you to turn your channel into a single destination for viewers to access all of the other channels you own or love. Network channels such as the CW, HBO and TheYoungTurks are already making good use of the feature, check them out!

Add a multi-channel section by selecting “Channels” in the “Select content” dropdown when you are adding a new section.

Feedback? Join our YouTube Creators G+ Community and discuss using #crosspromo. We’d love to hear your thoughts!