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YouTube creator Leanne Lee

Road to 1 million subscribers with Leanne Lee

Leanne Lee is a Chinese-Canadian lifestyle creator who balances working from home while raising two kids. She started her YouTube channel during the pandemic and gained over one million subscribers in two years! Leanne breaks down her journey and provides 4 tips for aspiring creators looking to grow their audiences:

YouTube seemed like an unattainable realm for someone like me – a mom of two with no advanced editing skills or videography expertise. Posting on Shorts opened up a new opportunity to share my content with zero expectations of going viral.”

Use original audio: Whenever possible, use original audio to add a unique touch to your content.

Unlike many creators, I don’t use audio over my content. While audio is crucial for trends and lip syncs, my goal is to create videos that are not just shareable but also re-mixable and re-watchable. In my opinion, utilizing original audio enhances the authenticity of my content.

Have a predictable format: Maintain a consistent and predictable format for your videos to establish a recognizable brand.

Working from home during the pandemic provided me with the flexibility to explore and experiment on YouTube. Despite early days filled with trial and error, I discovered most of the inspiration behind my content comes from the conversations I have with my daughter. Her sass became the driving force behind 99% of my content!

Personal branding is key: Make yourself the brand and niche of your content. Embrace your authenticity.

As my kids are third-generation immigrants, I aim to showcase the unique experiences of parenting in a multicultural context. Drawing on lessons learned from my own upbringing as a second-generation immigrant, I strive to pass down wisdom to my daughter. Emphasizing our dual identity as both Canadian and Chinese is a central theme in my content.

Engagement matters: Respond actively to comments, fostering a sense of community and connection with your audience.

Parenting within the intersection of cultures presents unique challenges, and I acknowledge that only a small subset of people fully understands this experience. But those that get it, get it - and I'm hoping that there is some relatable content for someone who's struggling to balance. I hope they know they're not alone!