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Road to a Million with The YUH Family

The YUH Family -Josh and Lily - were captivated by the world of YouTube, spending countless hours watching their favorite creators share their passions and talents. In 2019 they decided to start their own YouTube channel to share their creativity and personalities with the world! In 2024 Josh and Lily hit a HUGE milestone – 1 million subscribers! Below they share some of the key lessons to help other aspiring YouTubers out there!

Stay True to Yourself and Post Content You Love

The biggest thing? Authenticity. We create content that truly reflects our passions and interests. Whether it's Lily's sushi obsession or Josh constantly being dragged along on food adventures (but secretly loving it!), our genuine connection resonates with viewers. People connect with real experiences, and when you love what you're creating, it shines through!

Learning from the Masters: Analyzing Success

We also learned a ton from studying successful channels in our niche. These channels are thriving for a reason! We analyzed their editing styles, audience engagement strategies, and current trends. We got inspired, but always with an eye on developing our own unique voice and content approach.

Consistency is Key: Show Dedication to Your Audience

Back in the early days, our viral videos brought a surge of viewers, but without consistent uploads, everyone would forget about us. Consistent uploads show your dedication to your audience and reinforce your brand identity. Viewers know what to expect, leading to more engagement and growth.

Build on Momentum to Capitalize on Success

When a video goes viral, it's a sign you've struck a chord! We analyzed what resonated and created similar content. For example, when introducing our sisters in a video went viral, we kept including them in future content. Building on that initial success kept the momentum going and gave our audience more of what they love.

Remember, success on YouTube takes time, dedication, and a genuine connection with your audience. By following these tips and staying true to yourself, you too can build a thriving YouTube channel! We hope this gives you some insights! Now, excuse us while we celebrate with some celebratory sushi (and maybe some reluctant bites for Josh)!