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YouTube Creator Simji

Road to 6 million with SIMJI

In late 2020, SIMJI discovered cool rug-making videos on social media. Everyone seemed to be either selling rugs or posting DIY tutorials. SIMJI thought, why not add some fun to the mix and create rug content with an entertaining story behind each video!

At the beginning of 2021, SIMJI dived into the world of social media, joining all the major platforms. Fueled by the last of her savings, she bought materials in bulk. Failure wasn't an option; SIMJI was fully committed to success from the get-go!

She started posting one video a day for two and a half years. And now SIMJI's gained a whopping 14 million followers across platforms, with 6.3 million subscribers on YouTube alone!

Here are 4 tips from SIMJI that led her down the road to 6 million subscribers!

1. Think in Years, NOT Months

Success in creation doesn't happen overnight. It's essential to approach this journey with a long-term perspective, ready to commit to your chosen content style for years, not just months. Understand that substantial growth might take time, and it's not guaranteed to happen quickly, or at all – and you have to be okay with that. Choose a content type you're passionate about and can sustain, this way you'll be able to maintain consistency, stay focused on your vision, and be prepared for the ongoing commitment.

2. Dedication > Motivation

Take on a mindset where dedication is the foundation of your content creation strategy, going beyond the temporary nature of motivation. Understand that motivation is tied to emotions, which can change depending on the day. However, dedication is your constant commitment to your goals, pushing you to take action consistently, regardless of how you feel. It's about maintaining focus and momentum, even on your most challenging days, ensuring that every step taken is a step toward your long-term vision. Let dedication be the force that drives you to create, perform, and succeed, no matter the emotional landscape of the day.

Take on a mindset where dedication is the foundation of your content creation strategy, going beyond the temporary nature of motivation.”

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3. It's Okay, You're Human.

This might seem like a complete contradiction to the last tip, but hear me out. While dedication propels you forward, being self-aware of your limits is a strength, not a setback. It's vital to give yourself permission to pause, breathe, and step back when needed. These moments of rest aren't just breaks; they're your chance to gain clarity, recalibrate your focus, and take care of yourself.

Having this balance ensures your journey is sustainable, allowing you to return to your work with fresh eyes and renewed energy. It's also a supplemental action to help with burnout prevention. It's perfectly okay to take a moment for yourself — it's an essential part of the path to lasting success.

4. Focus on What You CAN Control

Understand that while the outcome—like views or engagement—isn't in your hands, your output certainly is. Direct your energy to creating consistent, quality content, and engaging genuinely with your audience. You can't predict or control how many people your content will reach or how they will respond, but you CAN make sure you're providing valuable, thoughtful content. Fall in love with the process, focusing on your efforts and actions, and let everything else naturally unfold. This perspective should help keep you grounded in your purpose and allow you to adapt and grow.

As you noticed, the tips I gave had little to do with the actions needed to create content and more to do with the core character traits essential for sustained success as a content creator. While technical skills are crucial, they are only a part of the equation. I believe the real growth lies in upholding the values, mindsets, and perspectives that shape you as a content creator. Perseverance, dedication, adaptability, authenticity, and innovation become fundamental as you progress. Focusing on personal character growth can help you break through limitations.


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