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Road to 1 million subscribers with Daniela Liepert

Unlike many Gen Z creators nowadays, Daniela Liepert was not always comfortable leading a digital-first platform. But after 20 years in the fashion industry, she decided to turn to YouTube to share her knowledge.

Not everyone is born with a sense of style — and that's where creators like Daniela Liepert Wirthmuller steps in. As a multicultural woman born to a Mexican-German family who studied fashion and spent more than 20 years in the industry, Daniela now uses YouTube to educate viewers on fashion trends and outfit guides to Spanish and English-speaking audiences. But you don't need to speak either languages to understand a well-dressed ensemble — and after her sister convinced her to take her knowledge to YouTube, she came upon a new challenge in her career to make digital content making work.

"For me it was quite a challenge, since I was not at all an expert in digital issues. On the contrary!" she says. So how did she manage to find her 1.17 million subscribers and counting?

You are helping a lot of women feel empowered by the way they dress. Was this always the mission when you started your channel?

I don't think I ever thought of a mission at first. I just let myself be carried away by what I knew how to do and what I liked. I never thought my channel would help so many women. Now that I read their voices I realize how I have been able to directly influence their lives by making positive changes in both image and self-confidence.

It was a surprise to me what an impact one person can have on another's life. Now I understand the word and the power of influence in a positive connotation.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to look their best?

Culturally we are attached to the idea that we should always be young, beautiful, thin and close to perfection. A strange perception of life, don't you think? There is no such thing as perfect.

We must gradually embrace age, which is the most difficult, since it is an exercise that has to be done daily. Just like we have to embrace that number, we also have and understand that there is always an option to look better and feel comfortable in our own skin. Being different from one another gives us the opportunity to be unique and achieve individuality. That's what I would say "beauty" means. Embrace what you have and do your best.

What is your favorite fashion trend now?

Maxi dresses are my favorite trend. They are flattering, they mark your femininity and you will always be the best dressed anywhere. There will always be one for every woman and every figure. Feeling feminine makes you look sexy and unique. I also like the idea that basics like a tank top can be combined with an elegant skirt and look good. It adds versatility to your wardrobe and really gives everyday wear to any item in your closet. This regardless of whether it is elegant or casual — everything can be combined with everything on any occasion. This simplifies your life enormously!

While seeing [1 million people] subscribe to your channel can be an ego boost, the reality is that the road begins again ... You have to keep charming your audience and and convince them the reason why they're still watching.”

Daniela Liepert

What tips would you give other creators on making it to the 1M mark?

My best advice would be to be prepared to work harder each day, both mentally and physically. The content creator industry is constantly changing. Something I learned is to ride the wave of change and get out of my comfort zone. Sometimes it scares me but it's worse to stay static without doing anything.

My age has somehow helped me find an audience that is underserved by creators, but I have also been able to see the problem of my age since my audience has had to learn to evolve with technology. That has been my biggest challenge and struggle.

Reaching 1 million also means starting over. You have to keep charming your audience and and convince them the reason why they're still watching. While seeing that large amount of people subscribe to your channel can be an ego boost, the reality is that the road begins again.

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What advice would you give other women trying to succeed in their careers?

There are two things that I consider very important: being consistent in whatever you do in your life and secondly, doing what you like.

You always have to make an extra effort and give your best many times without so much expectation or retribution. Suddenly one day, you will be surprised by the road you have traveled to get there.

There is no perfect age or time to start. The only tip I can give you is to start now. You have to overcome the ups and downs that always appear in life, which will give you maturity and security to face whatever comes your way. Never stop trying.

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