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Creator and Artist Stories

Presenting Four Eyed Monsters

By Sara Pollack

YouTube Film

When artists Arin Crumley and Susan Buice first met, they agreed they would only communicate through visuals. What followed were scribbled notes, drawings, vlogs, etc., that chronicled the start of their relationship and would eventually become their first feature film, Four Eyed Monsters.

The film was accepted to festivals, won awards and was praised by critics. That could have been the end of the road, but Crumley and Buice did something unique: they created podcasts about the making of the film and their struggle to get it released. The videos went on to garner over 1 million views and built such a large and loyal online audience that they were able to self-distribute their film to six major markets.

Crumley and Buice are a great example of a new era of artists using the Internet to take the distribution of their work into their own hands. And as you can see from fan interviews, the two aren't interested in using new technologies only for themselves – they want to see all artists empowered.

Now, as YouTube partners, Four Eyed Monsters are able to share their full-length, forward-thinking creative vision with you. Check it out.