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Portishead's YouTube Treat

By Michele K-Tel

YouTube Music

Today we are pleased to feature "Portishead In Portishead," a special 31-minute concert presentation from British musical group Portishead. These seven songs, from their new CD Third (which is actually their fourth album – go figure), were performed in multi-instrumentalist Geoff Barrows' former drama school classroom. Enter here.

Along with this extended concert video, Portishead also put together a list of their favorite clips on YouTube. Their selections reveal an eclectic taste in music, including a nod to current YouTube Living Legend honoree Chuck D's band Public Enemy. (Earlier this year, Chuck D reciprocated the fandom by freestyle rapping over Portishead's single "Machine Gun" on stage at a festival in Barcelona.) After you watch the band's favorite YouTube clips, check out their own animated video for new single "The Rip".

Enjoy this inside look at the enigmatic Bristol trio.


Michele K-Tel