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Congrats, WorldFoodProgram!

By Christine Wang and Devon Storbeck

YouTube Partner Support

Please join us in congratulating WorldFoodProgram as YouTube’s featured “On The Rise” non-profit partner for June! Thanks to your support and the strength of of their channel optimization, this organization is featured in the “Spotlight” section of our homepage today.

The World Food Programme has been in existence since 1963, when it was established as a multilateral food aid program by the Food and Agricultural Organization Conference and the United Nations. Over the last 40+ years, the organization has worked tirelessly to fight hunger and poverty globally, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the need for food aid. Their channel features a variety of video content that describes the magnitude of the global hunger problem, highlights specific issues and emergencies, demonstrates the impact of the WPF’s initiatives, and identifies opportunities for supporters to take action to assist the organization’s mission.

Here are a few words from the WPF organization:

Thanks to everyone who voted for us, and especially to YouTube, for this incredibly cool opportunity. At the World Food Programme, we believe that hunger is the world's greatest solvable problem. It affects nearly a billion people worldwide and yet we have the means to solve it. WFP is the world's largest humanitarian aid agency on the front lines of hunger. When we're not saving lives in emergencies, we're helping families get back on their feet. When we're not serving meals in schools, we're protecting mothers and children from malnutrition. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and find out what it's like to drive across the Sahara, ride a yak through the Himalayas or fly a helicopter in South Sudan as we deliver food assistance to some of the most dangerous and remote places on Earth. We’ll see you there. 

You can learn more about YouTube's nonprofit program and the 17,000 organizations in the program here. If you’ve enjoyed this monthly On The Rise blog series and want to see more rising YouTube partners, check out our On The Rise Channel. Keep an eye out for next month’s blog post, as your channel may be the next one On The Rise!