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Peso Pluma Vino Tinto Challenge

Go festival mode with Peso Pluma’s new YouTube Shorts challenge!

Peso Pluma is back with a new single, the musical phenomenon who has conquered the world with his corridos returns to action with “VINO TINTO” ft. Natanael Cano and Gabito Ballesteros and, to celebrate this launch, he is inviting his fans around the world to join the challenge #PesoPlumaVinoTinto on YouTube Shorts.

This past year, Peso Pluma was the most viewed artist on YouTube in both Mexico and the United States1 and there’s no question why. Thanks to songs like “Ella Baila Sola" (577 M), “La Bebé” (907 M) and "PRC" (272 M), he has gained more than 12 billion views and over 5.9 million subscribers, solidifying his position as the leader of the corridos scene.

The Jalisco-born singer continues to push boundaries with the release of his highly anticipated album, "ÉXODO", , a collection of songs that fuse traditional sounds of corridos on Disc 1, with modern elements from trap and reggaeton on Disc 2. The album contains collaborations with corridos pioneers, such as Natanael Canon and Junior H, placing him at the top of the genre.

Inspired by his most recent track “VINO TINTO” ft. Natanael Cano and Gabito Ballesteros, Peso Pluma challenges you to show your festival fit with his first challenge on Shorts. Simply record two videos: the first showcasing your everday look, and the second revealing your full festival gear, partying as if you’re on stage.

Plebes, I want to see you showing your flow on YouTube Shorts! Show me what you are made of and turn up the volume with my new single Vino Tinto. Chau!”

Peso Pluma called out to all his fans to be part of this challenge:

“Plebes, I want to see you showing your flow on YouTube Shorts! Show me what you are made of and turn up the volume with my new single Vino Tinto. Chau!”.

Sandra Jiménez, Head of Music, LATAM at YouTube, commented: “Peso Pluma is a musical phenomenon who has revolutionized the industry and Mexican music with his unique style. On YouTube, he has found a loyal audience that has accompanied him in his evolution as an artist. We are excited to collaborate with him on this challenge #PesoPlumaVinoTinto on YouTube Shorts. It’s a great moment for Mexican music and I am excited to help bring the music of Doble P to people around the world”.

Prove that you have a tumbado flow running through your veins in the YouTube Shorts challenge #PesoPlumaVinoTinto.

  1. Feel the flow: listen to “Vino Tinto” Peso Pluma’s song and let yourself go.
  2. Record your Short: Open the YouTube’s app, click the “+” button and select “Create a Short”.
  3. Add the music: Search “Vino Tinto” by Peso Pluma.
  4. Create your Festival Mode video: record yourself in a usual situation and later record yourself on party mode, join the two shots and add the Vino Tinto’s audio. Don’t forget to put your personal touch in it.
  5. Share your flow: Add the hashtag #PesoPlumaVinoTinto on your Short and post it for everyone to see.

Don’t be left out of #PesoPlumaVinoTinto! La Doble P and the world awaits you on YouTube Shorts.

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