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Pasta Grannies: Sharing pasta with the world, one nonna at a time

By Jodi Ropert

A bowl of homemade pasta is one of the most comforting foods in the world, but making it by hand is no mean feat. It can take years to master the delicate art of perfect tortellini and ravioli, and as families get busier and busier, the traditional art of making homemade pasta is dwindling, even in Italy. 

Enter Pasta Grannies! Food writer Vicky Bennison started her channel as a way to catalogue the traditional handmade pasta skills of Italy’s grandmothers. For the past five years, she has crisscrossed the country, inviting her audience into the homes of these nonnas as they lovingly prepare their favorite dishes. Whether it’s demonstrating a rare regional specialty or sharing their techniques for mastering the classics, the Pasta Grannies are inspiring the next generation of home cooks.

But it’s more than just a cooking tutorial, it’s also helping to preserve centuries-old culinary culture. As Vicky says, “YouTube is just the most fantastic way for these women to pass on their skills and traditions to their grandchildren, their great-grandchildren and the rest of the world.”

YouTube traveled to Italy with Vicky to learn more about what propels her vision for Pasta Grannies, the art of making pasta by hand, and to meet the nonnas in person.