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Music Tuesday: Bon Iver’s album-length film, live music and more

By Sarah Bardeen

Music Community Manager

After a weekend gorging ourselves on music videos -- from DJ Shadow’s awesome collabo with Little Dragon to French gypsy music and Fishbone’s return to recording -- we’re ready to dive into this week’s musical offerings. And, if we do say it ourselves, they’re considerable.

Bon Iver’s video LP
Justin Vernon released what many critics are calling one of the year’s best albums earlier this year. He also called on a squadron of local filmmakers to craft languid, frequently beautiful videos to accompany the deluxe edition of his album. We’ve got the entire suite of these short films today -- with work from directors including Vernon himself, Isaac Gale, Dan Huiting and others. But beware: these are less traditional music videos than swelling, ambient visual explorations of the music -- and they’re awesome. We include a few other examples of music videos from the group of directors at the end of the playlist.

Live on YouTube: November
You can get an exclusive ticket -- and a front row seat -- at any number of intimate music performances, thanks to YouTube. Today we feature on some of the month’s most eye-opening performances from some of the web’s best music channels. Who doesn’t want Jeff Tweedy crooning to you from NPR’s offices? Or maybe you’ve been hearing about Gotye and wondered what the fuss was about. Either way, get turned onto the best and the brightest today.

Viral...In India?
We often traffic in music videos that have gone viral globally -- but it’s not every day that we check out what’s popping in India. This studio recording of a (perhaps intentionally) hilarious song has garnered millions of views in just a few days. We leave it to you to figure out why.