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Milestone Meetups with Susan: ZHC

ZHC talks with Susan about customizing his way to 20 million subscribers.

Artist and creator ZHC describes his videos as “painting huge and crazy things and giving them to people on my YouTube channel.” But with efforts such as “I Customized A School” or “I Customized a Hospital, Then Paid Everyone’s Medical Bills,” the Host of “Instant Influencer” is doing more than making great art. He’s giving back, too.

In the latest episode of Milestone Meetups, ZHC talks with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki about going from posting videos about how to draw superheroes to reaching 20 million subscribers, the most meaningful things he’s created, and how he plans to do more charity work with his art and include the community.

“With our channel, we always want to keep going bigger,” he says. “So we’re just going to keep doing bigger, crazier things.”