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Metallica's Favorite YouTube Shredders

By Michele K-Tel

YouTube Music

Heavy metal rockers Metallica have inspired countless musicians on YouTube – think extreme guitar soloists, pounding drummers, violin trios, hard-edged vocalists and even animated kerrang-ing Lego musicians. Turns out the band itself has noted this phenomenon. Here's drummer Lars Ulrich revealing his favorite Metallica-inspired videos and wondering if some of these talented musicians might even out-play his own group:

The videos the band chose include an eight-year-old guitar phenom from Sweden, a Spanish violin trio performing "Nothing Else Matters," teenagers banging out "Master of Puppets" in their bedroom, and Canadian "Shred the Web" winner (and uber-fan)Francisco Meza. Lars shares the whole playlist on the MetallicaTV channel and today we are featuring them on YouTube's home page. Also featured is the new Metallica video, "The Day That Never Comes," an epic guitar-solo journey through the desert during wartime.

Happy Headbanging,

Michele K-Tel