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YouTube Creators on the Rise - October 2021

Meet October’s Featured Creators on the Rise

From mountain biking how-tos to anime insights, these up-and-coming creators are sharing their personal passions with audiences around the world.

Creator on the Rise is a program that identifies and celebrates up-and-coming YouTube channels. Over the years, we’ve featured more than 5,000 Creators on the Rise and expanded from the United States to over 20 countries and regions around the world, including North Africa, India, and South Korea.

Every month, we’re highlighting a selection of these emerging creators to help you discover new creator communities and subcultures on YouTube — and maybe learn a thing or two about Dua Lipa’s vocals or barbershop trims in the process.

Here’s a brief introduction to the creators in October’s playlist:

In addition to vlogging about her family life, creator Mundheep shows how she makes intricately decorated cakes that resemble everything from sneakers to Disney princesses.

Finn Iles is a pro mountain biker who shares how-tos and his unique first-person point of view while riding routes downhill.

Singer-songwriter O’Neill Gerald Donald analyzes the vocals behind pop hits, while also providing expertise on music production.

Anyone interested in anime can learn from creator Shonen Showdown, who offers his insights through character rankings, debates, and scripted comedy.

Vlogger Sandy Lin taps into broader YouTube trends, such as “clean with me,” “get ready with me,” and “what I eat in a day” to give a look at her day-to-day life in LA.

Fidel James Gonzalez is a skateboarder and stunt performer whose Shorts display various tricks and skateboarding hacks for anyone looking to give the sport a go.

JoshXBarber takes viewers to his hair-cutting chair, where he gives a play-by-play of his impressive transformations to inspire future cuts.

Lifestyle creator Alexis Ricecakes offers up new seasonal fashion ideas, DIY tutorials, and breakdowns of her thrift shopping hauls.

Matice Ahnjamine destigmatizes stuttering by sharing her own experiences and tips for fellow stutterers.

Chanel Dijon simplifies meal prep, makes a fairground snack staple, and inspires envy with her latest shopping hauls.

Engineer JBV Creative expands the scope of 3D printing with his creations including a robotic typewriter, candy dispenser, and motivational sculpture.

Stay tuned for next month’s group of featured emerging creators!