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YouTube Creator Coi Leray

Meet the must-know "Artist on the Rise": Coi Leray

Learn what's fueling her skyrocketing star power.

If you don’t already know Coi Leray, you should!

Coi Leray burst onto the music scene in 2021 with a spirit and style that sets her apart from her peers. Already racking up millions of streams, awards nods, and coveted press looks, this Artist on the Rise is on track to take over the airwaves.

Coi Leray first appeared in YouTube’s Trending Artist on the Rise in March of 2021 and has since seen three of her musical anthems, including platinum-certified “No More Parties,” gold-certified “Big PURR(Prrdd) ft Pooh Shiesty,” and the undeniable hit, “TWINNEM,” rise up on YouTube’s US Top Songs chart. Now she makes an even bolder statement with her new music video for “Anxiety.”

I always wanted to tell my story and YouTube is the best platform to deliver that.”

Her star power on YouTube has continued to skyrocket in the past year, earning over 290 million views globally across YouTube and nearly 100 thousand subscribers on her Official YouTube Channel. “No More Parties” alone has reached #2 on the US Top Songs chart and #69 on the Global Top Songs chart while also hitting the charts around the world in countries like Nigeria, New Zealand, Canada, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

This year, fans will get a chance to see Coi Leray perform at Rolling Loud Portugal and at New York’s Governor’s Ball this summer, which will all culminate with the release of Coi’s full-length debut album TRENDSETTER — coming soon.

Coi Leray is just getting started and with so much to come, we wanted to give fans an inside look at what drives her creative vision. Check out the rapid fire Q&A below and stay tuned for an exclusive performance and mini documentary from this Artist on the Rise coming soon!

Where are you from?

Coi Leray: Boston, but grew up in Jersey.

What inspired the last song you wrote and/or recorded?

Coi Leray: Last year was rough, from the pressure and negative comments, etc. In my new song "Anxiety," I just wanted to speak how I felt about it in the music.

What are your top priorities when it comes to making a new music video?

Coi Leray: My top priorities are good energy from everyone in the building as soon as I walk on set. I have a strong creative vision that I'm determined to execute. I don’t like to waste time: I do fittings before my videos to get my looks right, and have all of my ideas organized.

How does it feel to be part of YouTube's Artist on the Rise? Were you excited when you found out?

Coi Leray: It feels so good, YouTube is my favorite. I've been watching YouTube videos since I learned how to use a computer… I was excited because I always wanted to tell my story and YouTube is the best platform to deliver that. It worked out so well!

Do you remember the first music video you ever watched on YouTube? If so, what was it?

Coi Leray: Ehh…probably can't remember an exact music video…but I loved watching funny videos.