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YouTube Creators on the Rise - Dec 2021

Meet December’s Featured Creators on the Rise

These emerging creators help viewers improve existing skills and find new passions in everything from sewing to soccer.

Since August, we’ve introduced you to more than 40 must-know creators, whose interests span the worlds of architecture, music production, makeup artistry, and more. Each one is a part of Creator on the Rise, a global program that selects and recognizes up-and-coming YouTube channels that are bringing their passions to the masses.

To close out the year, we’re bringing you seven more creators to subscribe to — they can help when you want to impress relatives with your holiday cooking, make the challenging what-to-stream-next decision, or just unwind in the midst of a busy season. They might even play a role as you sit down to set resolutions for 2022 — learning to play guitar, anyone?

WIthout further ado, here’s a brief introduction to the creators in December’s playlist:

Soccer — er, footballer — Soheil Var takes viewers behind-the-scenes with a glimpse at his training regime, while also offering workouts for aspiring players.

From tote bags to bucket hats, Glory Allan’s sewing tutorials are a must-watch for anyone looking to customize their gear or make something from scratch.

Toronto-based Tina, aka imawonder, uses gouache paints, acrylic markers, and colored pencils to bring her artwork to life, as demonstrated in sketchbook tours, product tests, and live draw with me sessions.

Chef NPH and Chef Grace, the duo behind Two Chefs One Knife, introduce humor to their recipe how-tos and challenges, helping beginner to advanced cooks learn to master viral food trends and dinner staples.

Princess Etch takes the humble Etch-A-Sketch from childhood toy to artistic masterpiece with her creations of popular TV characters, Disney heroines, and gaming icons.

Ruff Criminal reinvents traditional movie and music reviews with his less than 10-second critiques of the latest releases and classic hits.

Beginner guitar players will want to turn to Trevor Wong for chord tutorials that cover a range of scenarios, whether that’s flexing on friends or annoying roommates.

We’ll be back in 2022 to spotlight even more Creators on the Rise!